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 Polymer Pin Insulators,polymer line post insulator 
Polymer Pin Post Insulator

It is suitable for the rebuild of city lines. The voltage levels for polymer pin insulator typically from 6 to 36 KV. 11kv and 33kv polymer pin insulators are normal types. Its top and bottom installed are the same as the corresponding size of porcelain insulator, so they can be interchangeable use. The type code is normally FPQ Type.
Polymer Line Post Insulator
It is suitable for the transmssion and distribution power line.  The voltage levels for polymer line post insulator typically upto 132kV. the mechanical strength of polymer line post insulator has 2kN, 4kN,6kN, 8kN,10kN, 12kN,12.5kN, 16kN,
Color: Red, Grey, White, Blue
Type: IEC61109, BS, ANSI standard type, Orient design, customer requirement and drawings.

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