composite insulators



   long rod suspension

   pin type polymer

   station post insulator

   cross arm insulators

   electrified railway type

  composite stay insulator

  switch post insulator

  HDPE pin insulator

Polymer Insulator/Silicon Rubber Insulator/Composite Insulator 

Composite insulator or Polymer insulator or Silicon rubber insulator has at least two insulating parts, such as a fiber glass core and a housing equipped with metal end fittings. To compare with the porcelain or glass insulators, it has many advantages and is a development trend.

silicone rubber insulatorsCHARACTERISTICS:                 
  whole moulding and whole  injection
  crimped end fittings
  artistic looking; small volume
  light weight; uneasy broken
  high bending and torsion strength
  good anti-explosive performance
  easy transportation and installation

  Composite insulators have many types:

    10-500KV long rod suspension type composite insulators

    10-36KV pin type silicone rubber insulators

    10-220KV station post insulators

    10-110KV crossarm polymer insulators

    silicone rubber composite insulators for electrified railways 

    composite stay insulators

    10-66kKV post support insulators for switches

    HDPE(high-density polyethylene)insulators


    silicone rubber insulator

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