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Silicone rubber insulator properties
Silicone rubber insulator properties
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Silicone rubber insulator properties have many, there are important properties- electrical and mechanical properties for applications for power transmission and distribution lines.

Silicone rubber insulator properties have
◆ Heat and cold resistance
◆ Weatherability
◆ Moisture and steam resistance
◆ Resistance to oils, solvents and other chemicals
◆ Electrical insulation
◆ Thermal conductivity
◆ Flame retardancy
◆ Electrical conductivity
◆ Compression set
◆ Flex fatigue resistance
◆ Good mechanical strength
◆ Transparency and coloring properties
◆ Radiation resistance
◆ Vibration absorption
◆ Releasability and non-corrosivity

Compared to porcelain, Silicone rubber is used in insulator having some advantages
◆ Light weight, easy to install
◆ Good pollution performance
◆ Excellent electrical properties

Silicone rubber insulator properties are important for insulator applications, such as rated voltage is one standard to decide which voltage lines the insulators can be used on.


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