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Fittings for distribution systems
Fittings for distribution systems
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Fitting for distribution systems have been used in power system for many years, it can be divided into two categories, Overhead power line fittings and distribution systems fittings.

The fitting for distribution systems are made by strong durable and weather-resistant materials.

Fittings for distribution systems are used for connection wire and surge arrester with insulator, and connect between tower and insulators.

Fitting mate with the socket connector at the top of the block frame by simply sliding the fitting’s ball-eye into the socket of socket connector, the other end of the fitting which can support the hardware can be a hook, a bracket or over a cross-arm or an insulator using webbing loop of a “Noose”.

The main type of fittings for distribution systems is Clevis-ball, Y-clevis-ball, ball-eyes, Socket-clevis eye and so on.

Rated failure load is very import to fittings for distribution system, it have a large range of failure load, from 70kN to 420kN, so that it can meet the requirement of customers


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