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Porcelain insulators
Porcelain insulators
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Porcelain insulators can be divided into disc suspension insulator, line post insulator, pin type insulator and station post Insulator etc. according to insulator design.

The features of porcelain insulators
◆ Long term service life
◆ High mechanical strength
◆ Good mechanical and electrical properties
◆ Double sealing silicone housing
◆ designs requirements for service life at least 30 to 50 years
◆ End fittings Galvanized
◆ Excellent pollution
◆ Easy to install
◆ Excellent electrical specification
◆ Excellent pollution performance
◆ Ease of installation as easier to handle and transport.
◆ Easy installation
◆ Excellent impact resistance

According to insulator using position, the types of porcelain insulators have
◆ Line insulators
◆ Station post insulators
◆ Transformer bushings
◆ Bus bar insulator

Porcelain insulators consist of cap iron, porcelain parts and insulator end fittings made of high aluminum porcelain materials with excellent mechanical strength.


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