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LV insulator
LV insulator
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LV insulator is short of low voltage insulator, used on AC and DC lines for fixing of conductors to the poles and insulating made of silicone and porcelain materials.

LV insulator is mainly used to fix the active copper bar conductors to support earthling bars. The features of LV insulator or low voltage insulators
◆ Working temperature -40℃ up to +40℃
◆ Made from porcelain or silicone rubber materials
◆ Zinc plated steel inserts, threaded to ISO standard
◆ Good stability of electrical and mechanical parameters

According to insulator shape and insulator standards, LV insulator can be divided into
◆ Spool insulator
◆ Stay insulator
◆ Shackle insulator
◆ Low voltage pin insulator

LV insulator usually used on low voltage overhead distribution lines with excellent performance, also includes bus bar insulator used on the bus for supporting and insulating.


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